FCAC Riverside Lawn Wominjek 2012 Image courtesy of Maribyrnong City Council.jpg
FCAC Riverside Lawn Wominjek 2012 Image courtesy of Maribyrnong City Council.jpg

Clean Energy.



Clean Energy.


From NGO's getting rooftop solar. To Corporates in transition to 100% renewables.

And Impact Investors seeking blended value.

" We deliver clean energy, for the people. "

For Companies in Transition to 100% Renewable Energy, and those looking for more than Carbon Offsets.

  • Hedge Against Future Price Rises.
  • Align Corporate goals across Brand, Marketing and Social Responsibility.
  • Get expert support end to end.

With Philanthropists and Solar Investors, we Deliver Social Impact and Blended Value.       

  • Invest for social impact and a cause you care about.
  • Build transparent metrics for long term success

Got a roof? Got a Paddock? Want the right Solar Solution? Yep, we do that too...                 

  • Expert solar advice and project delivery with pre-qualified suppliers
  • Crowdfund & Conventional Finance Options available.

Success stories

Success stories

 " What get's us excited? Connecting solar projects, social causes and investors to deliver impact ".


Together with our partners and project supporters, we have raised over $300,000 for solar projects since 2014. That is over $1m to be saved on energy, and invested for community benefit, by 2034.

FCAC Riverside Lawn Wominjek 2012 Image courtesy of Maribyrnong City Council.jpg

Footscray community arts Solar Project

Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) is a community-engaged, contemporary arts centre working with local, regional and international communities. Combining a mix of crowdfunding, corporate support, philanthropic giving and government grants, they raised $100,000 for solar, battery storage and LED lighting upgrades. Over $15,000 will be saved on energy bills each year, and invested in their community arts program "Call to create".

Abbotsford convent solar.png

abbotsford Convent Solar Project

The Abbotsford Convent is Australia’s largest multi-arts precinct. The former "Convent of the Good Shepherd", this ex-monastic site is now owned by the Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) – a not-for-profit organisation which operates the Abbotsford Convent on behalf of the public. Today, the Convent is home to over 100 studios, two galleries, cafes, a radio station, school and an abundance of green open space. Over $60,000 was raised through crowdfunding, and with corporate match-funding of $60,000 they raised sufficient funds to install a 99kW solar system. Savings will be invested in preserving the iconic Convent gardens.


St Kilda community housing Solar project

St Kilda Community Housing (SCH) (and its predecessor the St Kilda Rooming House Issues Group) has provided affordable accommodation options for single people in the St Kilda area for over 25 years. Over the years SCH has worked hard to improve the quality of housing for single people. Over $25,000 was raised through crowdfunding and events, funding a solar and LED upgrade at 56 Jackson St, St Kilda. Savings on energy bills are being invested into T2M - a property maintenance social enterprise which trains and employs people at risk of homelessness.

Our People

Our People


We are energy geeks, change agents, and people passionate about their community. 



The Founders


Tosh szatow

Tosh takes care of the technical stuff for The People's Solar, and loves working with diverse communities to deliver great outcomes, playing the role of translator. He has been a consumer advocate, CSIRO scientist and is always up for taking on crazy ideas, so long as they are crazy enough to work. Tosh lives for the moment when project ambitions becomes project realities, usually after months of blood, sweat and tears.



alex houlston

Alex leads strategic development and gets hands on for project delivery with The People' Solar. Alex is the extrovert on the team, sometimes grumpy if his children don't sleep (or he doesn't get his morning coffee), he always comes good once talk turns to energy and social impact. Alex thrives on building relationships, won't stop until the job is finished, and is always willing to roll his sleeves up to get things done on time. 

"We like to Partner for Impact"


the alternative technology association

Partnering for clean energy with community impact 



Beautiful coffee and crepes, with pathways to employment for youth at risk. Perfect for events, fundraisers, and just having a delicious day out

Energy locals: 

Our retail partner of choice providing clean energy with local benefits



Green Music Australia

Our partner for all things musical, sustainable and fun. We work with venues to cut carbon and costs, all for the benefit of music.



Could Solar Powered Impact be your thing in 2018? We want to know

We will be offering two investment models in 2018

1) a straight social + environment hybrid

2) or blended triple bottom line returns.


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