We are a mix of energy geeks, change agents, and people passionate about their community. 



The Founders


Tosh szatow

Tosh takes care of the technical stuff for The People's Solar, and loves working with diverse communities to deliver great outcomes, playing the role of translator. He has been a consumer advocate, CSIRO scientist and is always up for taking on crazy ideas, so long as they are crazy enough to work. Tosh lives for the moment when project ambitions becomes project realities, usually after months of blood, sweat and tears.



alex houlston

Alex leads strategic development and gets hands on for project delivery with The People' Solar. Alex is the extrovert on the team, sometimes grumpy if his children don't sleep (or he doesn't get his morning coffee), he always comes good once talk turns to energy and social impact. Alex thrives on building relationships, won't stop until the job is finished, and is always willing to roll his sleeves up to get things done on time. 


the alternative technology association

Partnering for clean energy with community impact 



Beautiful coffee and crepes, with pathways for youth at risk. Perfect for events


Energy locals: 

Our retail partner of choice providing clean energy with local benefits



Green Music Australia

Our partner for all things musical, sustainable and fun


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